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TransGaming and Nvidia team up for high-end games on the Mac

TransGaming and Nvidia have "joined forces" to "bring top tier video games to the Intel-based Macintosh platform using TransGaming's Cider portability engine in conjunction with NVIDIA's CgFX graphics system." So, what does that mean? Cider is TransGaming's Intel-based Macintosh portability engine intended to enable (not to mention expedite) the "porting" of games from the Windows platform to the Mac OS X platform. This technology is already being used to bring versions of Heroes of Might and Magic V and Myst Online: Uru Live to the Mac OS Xplatform. With today's announcement, TransGaming will be able to run high level shaders using Nvidia's Cg framework meaning, theoretically, more high-end games could be available on the Mac using Cider. What kind of games use Cg? Games like DOOM 3 and Far Cry, that's what. Will the Field of Dreams adage -- if you build it, they will come -- hold true if Cider manages to bring AAA PC games to the Mac intact and on time?

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