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Wii-chargeable battery packs (almost) ready for release

Jonti Davies

"Where are the Wii-chargeable battery packs?" we asked last week. This week, we have the answer: "There they are!" That is, they can be reserved in Japan as of today, for eventual delivery before the end of February, and we have Japanese gizmo manufacturer Thanko to thank-o.

Thanko's lithium-ion battery and USB charge cradle, which can draw power from one of the Wii's USB ports, are retailing in Japan at ¥3,480 (US$29) per set or at the slightly discounted rate of ¥6,480 (US$54) for two sets. A three-and-a-half hour charge will, according to Thanko's press release, keep a Wii Remote powered for 25 hours. Just think how many times you could complete Kororinpa in that time...

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