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FCC reveals Pantech C510 with AT&T branding

Chris Ziegler

The phone itself is a pretty uninteresting one -- EDGE data, Bluetooth, certainly nothing on the order of its 3G-capable big brother, the C600 -- but Pantech's C510 has one very important distinction: it's the first time we've seen that new, hip AT&T branding on a phone. For folks out of the loop, that's "Cingular" in 2006 parlance, and it looks like the carrier is about ready to flip the switch on moving its new old new branding to equipment. Of course, the FCC isn't a great barometer for knowing exactly when stuff is going to actually make it into consumers' hands; it could be a month or six (or more) before those three exquisitely-crafted lower case letters are silk screened onto a phone that's actually in your pocket. See the C510 spread wide open after the break (notice the select button -- so long, splat).

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