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Parrot unveils Bluetooth-equipped "boombox"


It's no secret that the folks at Parrot have a love for all things Bluetooth and, if this latest product of theirs in any indication, it seems that they're far from running out of gadgets to spread their affection to. Set to be released sometime in the second quarter of this year, the so-called Parrot Boombox will wirelessly snag music off your Bluetooth-equipped cellphone or MP3 player and pump 'em out at a relatively hefty 60W, with the usual Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR mojo (including AD2P and AVRCP) ensuring as little loss in quality as possibile. Parrot's also seen fit to include an RCA input for those that haven't gone completely wireless. While the "boombox" is intended mainly for use with mobile devices, the unit itself is anything but, measuring approximately 17 x 7 x 8.8 inches and tipping the scales at over 12 pounds. Look for this one to set you back 229 Euros , or just under $300. [Warning: PDF link]

[Via Generation MP3]

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