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Passport 9500i packs GPS into a radar detector for double the fun


If you suffer from a pricey speed addiction, a nasty habit of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, or just happen to enjoy breaking the law, you might want to give Escort's Passport 9500i radar detector a look-see. Along with the traditional radar detector functionality of giving you a bleep or three when you need to slow down, the 9500i carries a GPS payload that allows for all sorts of exciting possibilities. First off, you can let the detector know about false alarm spots -- such as an automatic door sensor -- and keep the 9500i from alerting you to those specific radar frequencies when you're in that area. Even if a copper happens to show up next to that false alarm location, the detector will be able to differentiate and sound the alarm. The detector also lets you mark common speed trap locations so that the 9500i can remind you when they're coming up and you can engage your cloaking device slow down in time. Other intelligence boosts have made it into the Passport as well, but you'll sure be paying for the convenience: it'll take a whoppin' $450 to score yourself one of these, so you had better better be in great need of its ticket-dodging prowess.

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