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Riding Crop stacking and the mount speed limit

Mike Schramm

Leatherworkers who've hit 350 have been doing some brisk business making and selling the Riding Crop, a new trinket that increases mount speed by a whopping 10%. The previous +mount speed items combined (Mithril Spurs, made by Blacksmiths and attached to boots, the Carrot trinket from a ZF quest, and a glove enchant), added up to only 9%, and some players were excited that with the crop included, they'd see a full 19% speed bonus.

Not so, says Drysc. By decree of the devs, the biggest mount speed bonus items can grant will be 10%, which means the Riding Crop does not stack with any other items (keep that in mind before you spend a ton of gold on it). It's meant, says Drysc, as a space and time saver more than anything else-- don't carry around three items when you can carry around one.

Of course, as alert players point out, there are class speed buffs that will stack with Riding Crop-- Crusader Aura is one for Pallies, and I'm sure commenters to this post could come up with more (I thought that Aspect of the Pack would, except that AotP doesn't stack with mounts at all, so of course it doesn't stack with the Riding Crop). There are probably even those among you who wonder why any more than a 10% buff even matters for getting from place to place, but for some players (especially those in battlegrounds), every second spent on a mount counts.

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