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Roguetastic: Imp Sap and being useful


Welcome to Roguetastic, a new occasional feature spotlighting everyone's favorite sneaky, high-DPS class. Well, actually, not everyone's favorite. Right now, it's very few people's favorite. And that's what this post is about.

One of the bad things about being a rogue is that you just feel so darn useless in instances. Tanks are protecting the raid, healers are keeping people alive, and you're just ... hitting the boss. You don't even have any good buffs like Power Word: Fortitude or Arcane Intellect to help out your teammates. You're just a self-contained killing unit that maybe -- MAYBE -- gets to keep a stray mob from attacking a healer. Woot. No wonder we have such a bad reputation.

Which is one reason I like having improved sap in instances. For those of you who may not know, Imp Sap got moved up to be a second-tier Subtlety talent, so you only need seven points in subtlety to take it. I love having Imp Sap because I can do something useful for the group. I can sap the left mob, a mage will polymorph the right, and suddenly a difficulty five-pull becomes as easy as pie. Of course, there's the possibility that I'll get detected and die, but that's the price you pay for being squishy.

Unfortunately, a lot of popular raiding builds -- including Mutilate/Combat and Combat Swords -- pretty much skip over the subtlety tree, leaving rogues who choose these builds to maximize raid efficiency at sort of a loss when it comes to five-mans. Many rogues are asking for Imp Sap to become trainable, particularly since rogues are underpowered and are having problems getting spots in instances and raids. No, no. Shut up about Cloak of Shadows, I said "in instances and raids."

I agree with this sentiment. If a mage or a hunter can do your damage from range and require less healing, why take rogues, especially after resilience and glancing blows heavily nerfed our boss DPS? For things like Imp Sap (for five-mans), stuns (which should be more useful in raids) and group auras and buffs (which we desperately need.) Although quite frankly I'd settle for taking back the weapon skill nerf and giving us a little more pure damage.

What do you think? What other changes do you think would make rogues more viable in PVE?

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