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Call a Nascar Nextel FanView your very own


Oh, you know you want one. That slab of rugged yellow and blackness, complete with chunky antenna and oversized keys has been calling your name ever since you spotted it for rent last year. Well, after last season's successful run of FanView rentals, Nascar and Nextel are selling the handheld race-day scanner outright for $370 online or $415 trackside, though you'll still need to fork over $10 for a race-weekend activation whenever you want to actually use it to keep track of those big, hairy, American winning machines. Features still include live video and audio from the race, along with real-time data and stats, and audio replay for catching those little "that just happened" moments. You also can peep in-car cameras from up to seven drivers, or just stick it in the bed of your truck to improve traction. Rentals are still available for $50 a day and $70 per weekend.

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