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Cyberlink users complaining of HD playback problems


Cyberlink's recently released PowerDVD Ultra software seemed to be a cure-all solution for enjoying high-definition movies on a PC, offering support for both Blu-ray and HD DVD, including Microsoft's low-cost Xbox 360 HD DVD drive. As Cyberlink's support forums show, however, not everybody's been rewarded for their patience (and hundred bucks), with a number of reports cropping up of playback problems with both high-def formats on systems that Cyberlink's own system adviser says meet the necessary requirements. The main problem appears to occur with those using an HDMI or DVI-to-HDMI connection between their video card and display device, with the video reportedly only playing for a few seconds before throwing up an "Error 0103" message stating that the player couldn't be initialized. While there's reports of the problem dating back to shortly after the software's release in late December, there's so far been no fix for the issue and no word from Cyberlink on when one might be coming. Some of the affected users don't seem to be in the mood for waiting, however, with a couple even going so far as to file complaints with the Better Business Bureau, though its yet to be seen what will come from that.

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