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Spatula + e-recipes =

Ryan Block, @ryan

We love a good concept design as much as the next gadget site -- even those designs a little far fetched. But despite our inability to nail down a decent e-book reader for den studying purposes, we're still happy to adopt the concept in another place we could a little help navigating: the kitchen. The hours we work writing about gadgets, we've long since abandoned our dream of making an appearance on Iron Chef, but we could definitely see ourselves spending a few more hours over a hot stove with the IF Design Award-winning recipe-reading e-spatula handy. We've got no real idea how far away we are from an actual teflon coated heat-resistent display that would make something like the possible, but given the chance we might just veer ever so slightly to jump on an embedded display cocktail shaker instead.

[Via Shiny Shiny]

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