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Is Skype coming to the PSP? [Update 1]


This mumbo-jumbo that appears on your screen happens to be code extracted from a decrypted version of firmware 3.10. MaTiAz from QJ appears to have uncovered a reference to a "skype_plugin" within the code. While the functionality is clearly not present in the current revision of PSP's firmware, it appears that Sony's working on something for a future upgrade. Historically, it appears that hints to future functionality is hidden away in the code: references to the PSP camera and GPS were found in earlier decrypted firmware, long before they were officially released.

A similar Sony product, the Mylo, has implemented Skype functionality in the past. Certainly, being able to have some kind of VoIP service (free, or not) would increase the value of Sony's portable even more. Will you celebrate if Sony releases this in a future firmware revision?

[Via digg]
[Update 1: Updated image due to QJ's request.]

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