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Killzone 2: to be or not to be... at the Game Developer's Conference

Nick Doerr

One place says Killzone 2 will be at GDC while another source gets told that no, in fact, Killzone 2 won't be at GDC at all. Who to trust? It's a tough call, since we reported on a pretty lofty rumor stating that a demo for the new game may just make an appearance at the Game Developer's Conference. After going over the two linked stories above, you may think that, indeed, IGN has the correct story. They spoke with Sony, after all, right? But, CVG has "well-placed sources!" This is turning into more and more of a big deal, but it really shouldn't. If it's there, neat. If not, well, damn.

Now is the time for all of the beautiful readers out there to think about the two conflicting ideas presented here and discuss them in a rational, logical, adult manner. Personally, I'd like to believe the game will still make an appearance. It's not like Sony would try to hide its trump card, right?

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