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Neuroscientists read people's intentions with brain scan


Minority Report has proven itself to be a fairly prescient movie on more than one occasion and, as this latest development shows, it seems that researchers haven't mined those Dickian ideas dry just yet. While we've already seen some software that supposedly helped to predict future crimes, The Guardian is now reporting that a team of neuroscientists have brought pre-crime technology to a new, even creepier level, developing a brain scan that can purportedly read people's intentions before they act on them. It's apparently still a ways off from going into service, however, with tests of the technology currently centered around predicting a subject's response to a simple math question. Nonetheless, the researchers seem to be well aware of the technology's potentially more complex uses, and are calling for an ethical debate over its possible use in interrogation. On the flipside, they also see the technology eventually being used in some less ethically-challenging applications, such as helping people control artificial limbs or operate a computer simply by thinking about it.

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