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Reader UI of the Week: January 31 to February 6

Paul Sherrard

Once again it's time for the ever-increasingly popular Reader UI of the Week. This week brings us something special, in that these teeny-tiny images link to GIANT MONSTROUS IMAGES. This is the widest screen setting I've seen so far. Be warned, clicking opens massive real-sized images that are about 2 megs each.

Character Name: Seperioth (50 druid) (pictured is my 19 rogue twink. Seper)
Screensize: 2560x1024 (2 19" lcd's)
General Theme: Anything that helps make gameplay easier and information brought forward to where I need it.
Addon's Used: Atlas, Atlas Loot, Auctioneer, CT_MailMod, Enchantrix, FlightTime, MobsToLevel, punky_coords, Titan, TitanBG, TitanHonorGrind, Titan Emote and FinalFantasylization (not all the time though)
I go searching for addons every week now to try and find answers to problems I might be having or have had in the past. A big one is I tend to miss my buddy's and my health (because its so far to the left :p) so sometimes we wipe because of that. I haven't found an answer to that yet. Other problems in the past have been how many mobs to lvl (i like grinding mobs when i'm a few bars away), what loot a boss drops ( when i was making my twink this came in handy) and flight times (so i can go get a drink or snack real quick). I use all these things alot and dont know how i went through 30 lvls without them :p Ive attached 2 shots. One of my UI the other shows the beautiful screenshots I can take that a single 19" monitor could not take.
Alot of people are amazed I play at that resolution. Some of you might not realize I have the LCD frame in the middle of my screen :p So my character, bars etc. are all cut in half :p. But you get used to it after awhile.
So there you have it, another amazing Reader UI setup. Discuss in the comments, and remember to submit your UI to "readerui at gmail dot com". Just be sure to type it correctly!

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