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Wii wrist weights? Why?

Kyle Orland

OK, we know the whole Wii as window to weight loss fad is big right now, but we can't for the life of us figure out what would inspire someone to create these prototype Wii-branded exercise weights and then shop them around to investors for mass production. For one thing, similar wrist weights are already available in practically any sporting goods store for just a few bucks. You can even get them in a stylish white to match your Wii and remote. For another thing, we're pretty sure using the Wii logo like this on a marketed product without the explicit approval of Nintendo is just asking for a world of legal trouble.

Still, the idea of using wrist weights while working out with your Wii isn't a bad one. Reminds us of those Dragon Ball characters who used weighted clothing to lower their power level as they took on their friends in Wii Sports boxing. Or something.

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