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Columbia Pictures acquiring Metal Gear movie rights, Ghost Rider producer onboard


Columbia Pictures, a division of Sony Pictures Entertainment, is reportedly in negotiations with Konami for the rights to adapt Metal Gear Solid for the cinema; as breifly noted by Sony exec Yair Landau earlier this week at D.I.C.E. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Columbia has assigned Ghost Rider producer Michael De Luca to the project, while MGS creator Hideo Kojima and JEA's Rick Privman will serve as executive producers. Privman is also the executive producer of the upcoming film version of survival horror game Siren.

Sony producers Doug Belgrad (The Grudge 2) and Sam Dickerson will also be involved with the live-action adaptation; and Josh Bratman, who works for De Luca and introduced the project to Sony, will continue to act as a consultant. Plot details and casting prospects remain unknown.

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