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Factor 5's Lair almost complete, Turrican PS3 possibly next


Speaking with Game Informer, Factor 5 president Julian Eggebrecht opens up about his studio's PlayStation 3 project Lair. Currently estimated to be 80-90% complete, Eggebrecht is confident that the development team will reach the vaguely stated spring deadline, but admits "Sony's not going to ship it the next day."

Next up for Factor 5 is likely a smaller project -- a downloadable game (or two). Eggebrecht supposes it'll be an original "mini franchise," but doesn't rule out the possibility of also porting over some old Turrican titles; not necessarily straight-up ports, but perhaps "something like that but in 3D," teases Eggebrecht.

Also, Eggebrecht reports that Factor 5's break-up with Nintendo has not spoiled the two's friendship. We're no talking Rogue Squadron IV; just the occasional happy hour cocktail. Eggebrecht adds, "When I read all of those things about how you have to buy a 360 and a Wii, that's not true. You have to buy a PS3 and a Wii-that's the perfect combination."

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