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Found Footage: VMWare Fusion To Bring 3D Hardware Acceleration

Mat Lu

We've all been waiting patiently for Parallels to deliver on their promise to add hardware accelerated 3D graphics support in their Intel Mac virtualization solution, Parallels Desktop. Apparently, however, competitor VMware already has some working code. The above video, featuring 3D accelerated gaming, appeared recently on Youtube, and now it seems that a VMware employee is confirming that for some time VMware has contained a "semi-hidden switch" for activating 3D support on the Linux and Windows versions. Since VMware's still beta Mac product, VMware Fusion, is built on the same codebase as VMware Workstation 6, it too will support Direct X 8.1 (as demonstrated in the video). They are apparently working towards an internal goal of supporting Direct X 9 and thus Vista's Aero. As much as I like Parallels Desktop, this just confirms it: competition is good! Now get back to work Parallels!

Thanks Mark!

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