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We've got 'em, leaked Halo 3 alpha screen grabs [update 1]

Dustin Burg

It's time to unleash your inner Halo fanboy, because we have some goodies for you. Hot off the screen grab black market, we've received some fresh Halo 3 alpha screenshots for your viewing pleasure. German website Evo-X posted seven un-seen screen grabs of the Halo 3 alpha build. And surprisingly enough, the quality of the shots is pretty good. From these new screens we noticed the HUD has a slight concave effect and can clearly see the new spike grenades situated on the top left. There are also a few shots that showcase a letter/number combination over teammates heads, which is either their login name, some sort of alpha crud, or has something to do with the rumored military rank. Ok, enough reading already! We're proud to present all seven leaked Halo 3 alpha screen grabs after the jump ... but remember guys these are shots of the alpha version.

Update 1: It looks like Evo-X has crippled under the server stress. But our readers are a resourceful bunch.

[Thanks, JesseBlue]

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