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Wisair and Nokia showing off WUSB in phones at 3GSM


Despite the WiFi, IR, Bluetooth and USB connections we already have to our phone, not to mention 3G or 2.5G in-phone connections to the internets, it always seems a bit of a chore to pull the pictures off our camphone. So what do we need? Another connection of course! Wisair and Nokia are teaming up to show off WUSB at 3GSM, with a Wisair 542 chip embedded in a Nokia Nseries cameraphone to send images and video to a laptop. We're guessing Nokia isn't about to get into the business of retrofitting its phones with new radios, so perhaps Nokia is planning some new models before too long with the chip built-in, or perhaps Wisair will at least have some ready-to-go products of the WUSB variety -- we're getting a little tired of all this talk and no action.

[Via Everything USB]

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