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An Open Letter From Yellow to Apple

Dan Lurie

Apple has historically been - and to a certain point sill is - a pretty darn colorful company. True, Jobs and Ive seem to prefer to stick to grayscale for their flagship products (iMac, iPod, MacPro, MacBook/Pro, mini, etc), there is always a dash of color to be found somewhere in the Apple product lineup. All of the colors in the old logo (plus some extras) have graced the outside of at least one Apple device; all, that is, except for Yellow.

As one would expect, Yellow isn't too thrilled that he's been left out of all of the fun, even if there were good reasons for doing so. As a way of expressing his distaste with the way things have been going, Yellow has published an open letter to Apple in which it makes arguments not only for itself being used in upcoming products, but a few of it's chromatic friends as well.

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