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BT's underwhelming Videophone 1000 and 2000


Well, it's 2007, how're we all doing on this whole "videophones are the future" thing? Not so hot apparently, but luckily computers have filled the void with built-in webcams and bandwidth aplenty. However, just in case you wanted to kick it old-style futuristic, the UK's BT is launching two new videophone models of the standalone variety: the imaginatively named Videophone 1000 and Videophone 2000. Nothing much innovative about these two, but BT sounds like it's making videoconferencing about as easy as it could be, so at least that's nice of them. The phone uses a BT Broadband Talk account, plugs into your router and existing broadband internet, includes automatic upgrades and a built-in address book, and will cost you 10p (about 20 cents) per minute to use. That last part seems a bit off, given the numerous free options for videoconferencing over the internet, but we suppose it won't look too out of place on an existing BT Broadband Talk VoIP bill, and phones also work for normal calls to non-video customers. The Videophone 1000 model will run you £149.99 (about $293 US), while the Videophone 2000 adds in WiFi and costs £199.99 (about $391 US). Both phones are available now.

[Via Pocket-lint]

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