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A fashionable way to play


Some of us are perfectly happy to sling our Wiimotes while wearing sloppy jeans and an old t-shirt, but not all gamers are so unconcerned with fashion. After all, you play your best when you feel your best, and how can you feel like a pwning machine unless you look the part? Well, if you're a Nintendo-loving fashion plate, City Magazine has the answer -- themed outfits for the fashion forward Wii owner. They even tell you where to pick up each item, so if you can't live without a sequined DKNY baseball jersey so you can look like the bat-slingin' diva that you are, you'll know exactly where to go.

We'd also like to add that if you really feel like you need a diamond bangle for Wii Sports tennis, we absolutely take donations. Share the wealth love, friends!

[Thanks to Hamish for tipping us on the story!]

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