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BookEndz: Mac Portable Docking Stations

Mat Lu

BookEndz produces pretty nifty docking stations for Mac portables, which duplicate nearly all of your ports and thus make moving a MacBook (Pro) between locations with many different peripherals quite easy. The MacBook station (right) is available in black or white and will be shipping in "late February." The MacBook Pro docking station is available now for the 15" model (no 17" model yet, but they have one for the old 17" PowerBook so it stands to reason that they'll eventually get around to it). They have stations for many older Mac portables as well (PowerBooks and iBooks).

The MacBook model looks particularly nice with a built-in 5 port powered USB hub and both VGA and DVI connectors. The MacBook version will sell for $159.00 while the 15" MacBook Pro version is $299.00.

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