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LeapFrog announces Fly Fusion and ClickStart My First Computer

Ryan Block, @ryan

Funny, our first computer was actually, you know, a computer, but for the preschool set not yet ready to step to a Vista Ultimate box, parents might look at LeapFrog's new ClickStart My First Computer. The $60 unit gives kids a "safe, age-appropriate computing experience" (i.e. no virtual foiling of terrorist plots in Las Vegas), good for learning the keyboard, mousing, counting, the alphabet, phonics, simple math, shapes, and colors. (Add-on software packs will be available, and cost $20.) LeapFrog also announced their latest FLY pentop device, the Fusion, which features four times more memory, a sexier new exterior, and an $80 price tag. Both are due out for the 2007 back-to-school season. Can baby spell Engadget? E-N-G-A... damn, how do you spell that anyway?

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