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RIM's BlackBerry 8800 launched

Ryan Block , @ryan

If you weren't paying attention these last few months, RIM has been working on a new full-QWERTY BlackBerry, which is finally here: the 8800. Expect the 0.55-inch thick device on Cingular, er, AT&T, this month with quad-band EDGE (blah), a QVGA display, GPS, a microSD slot, Bluetooth 2.0, scroll ball, and a relatively uncomfortable looking keyboard. Still no word on price or an exact date, but we're sure you've got a pretty decent ballpark in your head for what this thing's going to run.

P.S. -What the hell is up with the WiFi indicator on screen? The press release and BlackBerry site certainly make no mention of it.

[Via Mobile Burn]

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