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TeleNav coming to Telecom Italia and Rogers Wireless soon

Brian White

Telecom Italia -- aka TIM -- is going to have TeleNav's mobile GPS navigation solution inside some of its handsets soon, according to an announcement that TeleNav, Softec and Telecom Italia at 3GSM today. First off will be TeleNav's solution on RIM Blackberry handsets, which will receive TeleNav's GPS Navigator software. It's all nice to have, say, turn-by-turn voice and on-screen driving directions and addresses -- because the roads and streets of Italy are beautiful but scary to the uninitiated. Canada's Rogers Wireless gets the TeleNav love also, which is good for those up North from where we are at the moment. As soon as it is humanly possible, dealers of TIM (no, that's not an indie movie) and will begin the all-out effort to promote TeleNav GPS Navigator. Softec will provide in-the-field sales support and will ensure anyone who have those pesky in-depth navigation questions sits down to get load of answers from TeleNav's solution. TIM customers using the Blackberry 8707, 8700, 7130 and the Pearl can download the TeleNav software as of now according to TIM, and Rogers customers can get the app directly from Rogers starting March 6th. One caveat -- a Bluetooth GPS receiver will be a requirement for non-GPS enabled RIM handsets, though.

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