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Transmeta now officially out of the CPU business

Ryan Block, @ryan

The only thing surprising about Transmeta's quiet exit from the hardware component business was the good amount of time they took to make their not-so-grand exit since selling their CPU business nearly two years ago. The ailing company is shedding about 100 employees and closing its offices in Taiwan and Japan in an effort to save up to $23 million annually -- what they hope will be enough to keep them afloat while they transition to an IP portfolio-driven business. While we won't miss our old Transmeta gear all that much, but we can certainly appreciate what they were on to at the time -- cheap, efficient, low powered chips when everyone else was pumping out bucks and megahertz. Now we just have to hope Transmeta won't turn into an NTP or SCO-like industry nuisance whose business model is less about technological innovation, and more about taking advantage of the outmoded legal system in order to sap larger companies of their profits.

[Via ChipChick]

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