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Democracy Player 0.9.5 now available

Brian Liloia

For all the video sharers, viewers, and creators alike, Democracy Player version 0.9.5 has been officially released, introducing a host of new improvements and enhancements since the 0.9.2 release back in November of 2006. Here's a brief sampling of some new features:

  • Simpler, more minimal interface
  • New 'Share' menu on each item allows user to email a video or post to VideoBomb,, Digg, or Reddit
  • Video downloads are now stored in folders by channel for better organization
  • New pause and resume download functions
  • Improved BitTorrent performance
  • Drop-down menu feature for auto-download for individual channels
  • Automatic thumbnail generation on OS X for videos lacking thumbnails
The application is immediately available for download, and the development team still urges users to keep an eye open for any potential bugs that might be lurking about and to fill out a bug report where necessary. The program has really been shaping up nicely since its inception, and this upgrade will be worth the download. For 'Internet TV' surfing, there is no tighter application than Democracy, methinks. Anyway, check out the full list of improvements at the Democracy blog.

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