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HUMMER to launch mobile phones and accessories

Brian White

If you're a luxury HUMMER driver, you'll be glad to know that while all that power is feeding your inner need, you can have a customized mobile environment to go along with that frost white H2. HUMMER and Modelabs Group out of Paris have agreed to to design, produce, market and distribute a line of mobile phones, accessories and on-device services. The cool branding thing is that all these devices and phones will exist under the HUMMER brand just to ensure you don't forget who's signing the R&D checks. HUMMER says that Modelabs -- a global expert in mobile device customization -- will ensure that these units and devices will be developed to be durable and high performance -- along with carrying HUMMER's rugged design. Distribution? We thought you'd like to know that. Try Europe, Eastern Europe, Russia, North America -- including Canada and the U.S. -- and South America. Dates? second quarter of 2007.

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