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Modder stuffs a Wii in a PC and leaves it at that


With as much creativity as Wii modders have shown so far, especially with using that Wiimote to interesting effect over Bluetooth on a PC, we would've thought that Wii modder thef1ea could've found something a tad more interesting to do with this "Wiiputer" of his, but it's kind of neat all the same: the mod routes the Wii's video out to an internal video capture card, allowing you play the Wii in a window on your desktop or maximized for the full-on experience. Of course, with the Wii stuck inside that case, there's no way to get at the GameCube plugs, but hopefully between the Wii and this box's own Windows XP gaming prowess, you should be able to keep those itchy trigger fingers of yours occupied. Plus, thef1ea is tossing in a modded USB NES controller with the eBay auction of his creation, and will add in WaveBird wireless controllers to the captured Wii for $25 a pop if that's really a hangup for you.

[Via Wii Fanboy]

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