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nVidia's GoForce 6100: no, it's not another iPhone clone


Yup, just another touch-screen media phone up there which have are poppin' dime-a-dozen since you know what. Ok, it's just a rendering from Quanta (yeah, that Quanta); no worries, it's only meant to demonstrate nVidia's GoForce 6100 multimedia applications processor -- the company's first. That's right, nVidia just unleashed their new silicon slab pumping a dedicated 250MHz ARM processor are its core with hardwired acceleration for processing-intensive multimedia and security (read: DRM) functions. It's capable of delivering H.264 and WMV9/VC-1 video at up to VGA resolution and 30fps. Hell, it even integrates 802.11b/g WiFi with WPA2 security and QoS, and supports USB 2.0 hosting and camera sensors up to 8 megapixels. Best of all, it's said to do all this while consuming less than half the power of "any applications processor available on the market today." NVIDIA is demonstrating a prototype at 3GSM running Chronos' OpenKODE 1.0 (think DirectX for handhelds) for rich, 3D widgety goodness. Expect the new proc to show up in a wide variety of portable electronic devices in 2007/2008. Oh, and peep the OpenKODE interface after the break.

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