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Reveal Light brings windows, sunlight into wall-locked apartments

Darren Murph

Sprucing up your domicile with various forms of light has been trendy for quite some time, but rather than constructing an entirely new building or installing a fiber optic chandelier, you could just mount a Reveal Light. In what appears to be nothing more than a wall-mountable projector with pre-loaded imagery, this not-yet-priced artsy device can beam images of windows onto your drab apartment wall, complete with sunlight, trees, and a light breeze blowing around the leaves. Sure, some would say that artificial light and scenery is better than none at all, but the inner geek in us would argue that a 100-inch projection image of your favorite shows (or games) in HD would be a much, much better use of that bare wall.

[Via SciFiTech]

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