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Widget Watch: Volkswagen creates Dashboard and Yahoo! widgets

David Chartier

It's nice to see the widget train making its way across the land, and yesterday I noticed that Volkswagen of all companies has even hopped on board. The German car company has released a Rabbit Widget for both Dashboard and the Yahoo! Widgets Engine that lists free public events in over a dozen US cities.

The widget's design is obviously heavy on the revitalized Rabbit they seem to have replaced the Golf with; in fact, I can't find this widget anywhere else on VW's site besides the actual Rabbit page. On the right, the widget displays names of the events with small icons that help categorize said event (General Interest, Theatre, Music, etc.), and clicking on any event provides a brief description and links to more information.

At first a widget like this that helps promote a German car doesn't make much sense, but part of the Rabbit's marketing campaign is all about saving you money, so a free events widget then makes a bit more sense. Ultimately, it's a unique widget with a great design that's hocking quite a few events that some of you major city goers might not otherwise know about.

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