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Cingular's replacements for the Nokia 6030 and 6102i?

Brian White

Are the oddly-named Nokia Ram and Samsung Cardinal for Cingular about to drop? According to a recent Cingular product intro sheet supplied by the Boy Genius, they both are. What will they be replacing in the Cingular lineup, though -- if not just being added? How about the entry-level and aging Nokia 6030 bar non-cameraphone being replaced by the Samsung Cardinal and the Nokia 6102i entry-level cameraphone being replaced by the newer Nokia Ram? We still have no idea what those funky codenames mean -- outside of the truck and bird world, that is. A reader gave us this detail and added that he was unable to get any pics of both phones since Nokia Vendor was closely guarding these, umm, top-secret phones.

[Thanks, pappie]

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