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CNET's Prizefight results, Xbox 360 the victor!

Dustin Burg

Yes, we were a little shocked when part 1 of of CNET's Prizefight between the 360 and PS3 leaned towards the Playstation 3 winning out. (We're still not forgiving you CNET for praising the PS3's black exterior ... blah!) But they just released part 2 of the battle and yes, we have a winner. The remaining categories all tilted in the Xbox 360's favor taking home better scores in online service, performance, and available titles. So, the Xbox 360 nudged out a win with 23 points compared to the PS3's 20. We're happy that they got their head's on straight and crowned the right victor, but we will not forgive you CNET for part 1 ... blasphemy we say!

[Thanks, Darrien]

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