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Gran Turismo 5 "Prologue" to hit the PS Store this Fall

Nick Doerr

You heard right -- this Fall (or Autumn, if you want to be really specific) Sony and Polyphony will be releasing a sort of demo Prologue to the upcoming Gran Turismo 5. It's rumored to feature several cars and circuits apart from what we experienced with Gran Turismo HD. Not to mention some online network play via the Gran Turismo Network.

Well, since this comes out in the Fall and the next full iteration of the GT series is due out in the Spring of '08, we've got to wonder if this will follow GTHD in some respects. Namely, will it be free to download? We're going to vote 'yes' because the Gran Turismo series is pretty much Sony property. Sony wants to keep their network free and there's no reason to charge us for that. For third-party games there'll probably be a fee once demos start rolling out. What do you guys think?

[via Joystiq]

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