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"Next Top Model" runner-up switches to Mac, kind of


You might remember Elyse Sewell from Cycle 1 of America's Next Top Model. She's the one who made that infamous confessional video (strong language). She's also the one dating that guy from the Shins. She recently went out and bought a MacBook.

In a typically profanity-ridden but hilarious blog entry, she discusses her reasons for the purchase: a Mac-loving boyfriend and a firm belief that she could adapt to OS X.

After discovering that Hong Kong return policies weren't as flexible as those found in the US, Sewell decided to stay switched, "I must pretend this fiasco never happened, shake off my stuck-with-a-macitude, retire this NEC forever and start mastering the Mac. I will not get Windows XP for it. I will not be in a snit about it. In a month, I will surely love it, and the MacBook will know who's boss. Me!" TUAW wishes her the best of luck.

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