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Image credit: UK has a great deal on the PS3 -- free HDMI!

Nick Doerr

Now here is a pre-order bundle you can get excited about! Sure, it costs £524.99, but the kicker is what comes with that added £100. It's not an extra controller... nor is it one or two games. If you grab this bundle from, you will not only get the 60GB PlayStation 3, but you'll snag three games. Two of these games are extremely hot: Resistance: Fall of Man and MotorStorm. If you have faith in Genji, then you can get excited about that one, too! It's not just games that you get... you also get a free HDMI cable! If you ever try to buy an HDMI cable from a store, they're very expensive. But has them pretty darn cheap... but even they don't let you have one for free!

So what do you guys think about that deal? We think that's a pretty great deal. While it does kind of stink that you don't get an extra controller (a standard for many bundles), you do get some great games and the HDMI cable. We don't really have much else to say about this, so we'll leave it in yours hands: Deal or No Deal?

[Thanks Adam!]

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