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Armored Core 4 championship offers $17k prize

Jonti Davies

Well, US$16,674. Will that suffice? Armored Core 4 players in Japan (and, presumably, importers who live outside of Japan) have until March 1 to get their rusty mechs polished for the Armored Core Championship Battle 2007. Previous years' tournaments had been held regionally throughout Japan; thanks to the wonders of online play, though, this year's event will be played out via the PlayStation Network over a period of three weeks. The final stage of the tournament will, however, be held in Tokyo, where the top two players as of March 21 will do battle for the grand prize of ¥2million. The Xbox 360 version of Armored Core 4 is (coincidentally?) released in Japan on March 22, so this year's tournament is open only to players of the PS3 version.

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