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Breakfast Topic: Best 2v2 team

Eliah Hecht

With Arena season starting today, I'd like to hear your ideas for the best 2-person team. Yesterday, Etek suggested Warlock and Priest, which would be nice for longevity -- Priest heals Lock, therefore Lock can DPS forever; or if the Priest is shadow, as would probably be optimal, Shadow Weaving will help the Lock's DPS, and Vampiric Embrace will still keep him topped off. Another good combo that comes to mind is Paladin and Warrior. With nine classes, there are 81 45 [thanks, Dave et al.] different possible teams of two. Which do you think will come out on top? Of course, there'll probably be some aspect of rock-paper-scissorsness (caster duos are going to fare worse against Rogues, for instance), but I suspect certain duos are still going to be stronger in general than others.

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