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CPR Glove could save lives, looks kind of dorky


A pair of electrical and biomedical engineering students at McMaster University are entering this year's Ontario Engineering Competition with a rather neat project: the CPR Glove. While it just looks like a particularly lame-looking and ill-fitting glove on the outside, the one-size-fits-all glove houses sensors that can measure if you're administering CPR compressions at the right rate and depth. Apparently the boys spotted a study that found compressions were applied at 80 per minute -- instead of the doctor recommended 100 -- 59% of the time, while 37% of compressions were too shallow. Not exactly the most exciting of statistics, but it inspired these guys to build a glove to help with training or even be included in standard first-aid kits. The glove is built with cheap handbuilt components, so it shouldn't be too hard to manufacture, and the guys are already planning to look for a manufacturer whether or not their creation wins the competition.

[Via Medgadget]

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