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Gigabyte's g-Smart t600 and q60 phones

Chris Ziegler

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Taiwan's Gigabyte is a bit of a darkhorse in the Windows Mobile game around these parts, but it's been in the game for a while now and its latest round of devices -- getting passed around this week at 3GSM -- shows some R&D savvy. First up, the q60 looks sorta like a Nokia E61 on performance-enhancing substances, bringing tri-band GSM / EDGE plus HSDPA 2100, GPS, WiFi, and a DAB receiver atop a 520MHz XScale core. Next, the t600 tops out with GPRS data, but rocks DVB-H and a gorgeous (well, we can only imagine it's gorgeous) VGA display in addition to the usual spoils like WiFi and Bluetooth 2.0. Expect both to be very hard to come by stateside, but we're sure it's nothing a determined importer can't overcome. See a big shot of the t600 after the break.

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