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OCZ gets into peripheral biz with gaming mouse


OCZ may currently be best known for its high-end memory and other internal components, but the company's apparently gotten tired of treading the same territory over and over again, now hopping into the ever-crowded peripheral biz with its Equalizer Laser Mouse. While the mouse's specs appear to be decent enough, with a maximum 2500 DPI resolution and six selectable levels, OCZ doesn't seem to be taking any chances with its introductory offering, decking the mouse out in a garish color scheme that's sure to stand out from the other, subtler mice lining store shelves. Taking a cure from NES controllers of yore, the mouse also packs a so-called "Triple Threat" button, which will let you get off three shots with a single click, or cut those exhausting double-clicking tasks in half. Those that prefer their gaming on a slightly smaller scale also aren't out of luck, with OCZ releasing the mouse in both desktop and laptop versions, each setting you back about fifty bucks when they're released next week.

[Via TG Daily]

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