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One PS3 store display hides a terrible secret [update 1]


You suddenly find yourself inside Harvey Norman. Don't panic -- Harvey Norman is the name of an Australian retailer. Uh, retailer, as in a store. In Australia.

Right, so you're in Harvey Norman and you spot a stunning (albeit strangely two-dimensional) PS3 display, one that exhibits the sort of aristocratic class you'd expect from an inebriated hobo rolling down the stairs in his finest paper bag outfit. Still, it's functional enough and does indeed inform you of the impending arrival of Sony's behemoth. But ... you sense something unusual. Drawn to the vaguely disingenuous vibe emanating from the display, you investigate further. Perhaps it's this -- NO! It just can't be!

That white exterior! You're sure you've seen something like it before.

That's no PS3! Why, if you remove the mask, it's ...

Xbox 360! How? Why?! It would would have gotten away with it too, had it not been for your constant meddling.

[Thanks to Kain for letting us relive his adventure. Check out the Flickr page here.]

[Hilarious update: The Sydney Morning Herald reports that the retailer has removed the display. Whereas a Harvey Norman manager described it as "an innocent mistake," Adrian Christie of Sony Australia thought it was "alarming news." The Xbox 360 was merely being used to play Harvey Norman advertisments. Thanks, Acid.]

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