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Plaster Georgia Tech / MIT's unmanned spacecraft with logos, text

Darren Murph

If there's anything left to accomplish after creating autonomous UAVs and cramming optical circuitry on a silicon chip, it's allowing tax paying citizens to pen their thoughts on an unmanned spacecraft. In a joint initiative between Georgia Tech and MIT, the Your Name Into Space project aims to launch a small research satellite in 2010 into Earth's orbit, and the technology on board will purportedly "help pave the way for humankind to explore our solar system." Folks who throw their name, slogan, logo, or snarky catchphrases onto the craft can expect photographs of their adornment "with the Earth in the background" while it's orbiting space, and if your piece of textual glory lands on a segment that will be returning to Earth, it's all yours upon landing. So if you're looking to splurge a little this year on a bit of tax deductible fun, you can put nearly anything on this forthcoming machine for $35 to $250 per square centimeter, depending on location.

[Via MAKE]

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