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SmartSink is always the right height


We can't say "automatic sink height adjustment" was incredibly high on our list of problems to be solved by smart people with too much time on their hands this century, but we won't look a gift horse in the mouth. The SmartSink from Leonardo Bonanni Design Consulting goes through a good bit of trouble to get sink height just right, and along the way solves a few other problems. First off, the sink is made of a soft material that no doubt makes it easier to lift up and down, but also less likely to break a dish you toss into it. Height is detected by a video camera which lines up with your line of sight and then automatically raises or lowers the sink to match up with your stature. Another camera watches for what you put under the faucet, be it a metallic pot or green vegetable, and turns on the water and adjusts the temperature accordingly. Naturally, we can't really see something like this hitting any sort of market anytime soon, but when has that ever stopped us? The action-packed video is after the break.

[Via High T3ch]

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