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AOU 2007: Chase H.Q. 2 on patrol

Jonti Davies

Taito's Chase H.Q. 2 has come a long way since its showing at AOU 2006. This year's version features a lifelike Nancy on screen, offering guidance in English to help you catch the bad guys. Players can choose from three car types -- Patrol, Muscle, and Sports -- and then select one of three body colors. Each motor has unique handling, car-shoving, and top-speed attributes. And there's a Patrol Light button mounted on the cabinet's dash, which has no real use other than to give you a Police Academy buzz of daftness. The original Chase H.Q. is probably the second-best driving game of the 1980s. Let's hope this 21st century successor does the force proud.

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[Image credit: Impress Watch]

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