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Dandella handheld GPS devices simplify navigation

Darren Murph

The methods available to track your youngsters are growing by the week it seems, but for those looking to acquire a less voyeuristic (and likely more effective) way of tracking down your wandering kids, Dandella's for you. Taking home the gold at the International Design Competition Osaka, the dandelion-inspired GPS sticks come with a flower pot vase that syncs with your computer in order to select a "home" point in which the device continually seeks to be near. Designers Yong-kai Tan and Priscilla Lui's invention was spurned by the need to "simply find someone" if you get detached in a busy theme park or office building, and if each stick is programmed to find one another, even a child should be able to walk in the direction that the flexible, LED lit tip points. Additionally, it packs built-in Bluetooth in order to sync with mobile devices or other wireless computers, and gets powered by an integrated Li-ion battery. Now, how in the world do we choose just one location? Decisions, decisions.

[Via PopGadget]

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