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Gran Turismo added to list of 'killer games'


UK newspaper The Times has added Gran Turismo to its short list of "killer games." Sony's racing sim joins Manhunt, Carmaggedon, and Canis Canem [Edit] (but not oft-targeted series Grand Theft Auto -- or Pac-Man). GT landed on the list following the trial of two boy racers whose reckless driving led to a fatal car crash, killing 79-year-old Phylis Williams. Both men were cleared of "causing death by dangerous driving"; instead fined relatively small amounts (£1,000 and £750), in addition to having points deducted from their licenses.

Immediately preceding the crash, one of the "bloody chavs," 19-year-old Christopher Hayden, had been playing Gran Turismo (on an in-car LCD monitor) while parked alongside a road. The court seemed convinced that playing the game encouraged Hayden to engage in the impromptu race; The Times took it a step further, placing GT in the company of "killers." *Sigh* ... another game catching the blame for senseless tragedy...

[Via Guardian Unlimited]

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